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More cheating politicians? Gad

I’m just sitting here watching the video of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sandford’s press conference explaining why he was in Argentina with a bimbo instead of hiking the Apalaichian trail which, I would bet, would be a lot more fun, … Read More

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Food makes us fat but media created global "cooling."

Two things today, following up on recent columns: Today’s column is on obese children in our schools and how there are fewer Phys-Ed classes to combat it. The real message of the column is that schools really can’t do the … Read More

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Truth and lies in journalism the new norm?

A little bit ago I got into an argument with the guy who runs a local Internet blog. Someone had posted lies about me on his blog, and I want to be clear, they were not opinions I didn’t like. … Read More

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Why does Sen. Hatch hate American Values?

I read with dismay Sen. Orrin Hatch’s op-ed piece in today paper (click!) and have to wonder where he went to school — Russia in the 1950s? His piece argues for keeping Guantanamo prison open as a place to house … Read More

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Do anti-environmentalists lack the irony gene?

I got a fun email today from a group calling itself the “Competative Enterprise Institute,” which claims to be all about saving us from encroaching government and evils of whoever it is picking on this week. The email, really a … Read More

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Godfrey hates ski companies? And thrift is good.

Two things today: Today’s news story that Mayor Matthew Godfrey is blaming sewer rate hikes on “environmentalists” is an interesting exercise in political scapegoating, not to mention two-faced political speak. George Orwell would be proud. Godfrey says he’s all about … Read More

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