Look out! Sen. Hatch is driving!!!!!!!!

Oh, this is too funny.

Dana Milbank, the Washington Post’s columnist who covers “political theater” has a brilliant column today on our own Sen. Orrin Hatch trying to drive a hybrid Hummer. You can read it here (click!)

It’s a bit disconcerting to see Sen. Hatch described as an old guy who has trouble finding the brake pedal (he is 75, after all) but also disconcerting to see him promoting a Hummer of any variety. Those things are menaces on the road even when driven by someone who can handle the beast. They soak up huge amounts of resources to build, maintain and even park. They’re a danger to the occupants of cars that Hummers will crush in any accident.

But Sen. Hatch thinks its spiffy. He thinks it’s the wave of the future. He also had to leave it parked in the middle of the street because it was more than he could handle.

Stick to bicycles, Senator. We’ll all live longer.

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2 Responses to Look out! Sen. Hatch is driving!!!!!!!!

  1. Samaritan says:

    Sen. Hatch can’t find the brake on a Hummer he also can’t slow the economic crash that is coming, in fact he’s exacerbating it with his support for Obamanomics.

    This guy needs to go, and we need a Senator (or two) who will support the Constitution, small government and the Bill of Rights and Hatch isn’t THAT guy!

  2. laytonian says:

    If Hatch had a brain, he’d follow our intelligent President and THINK!

    Gee, if a Hummer can get 100mpg, how much mileage can a Prius get with the same technology, or even a mid-size/small SUV like a Land Rover discovery?

    Those libertarians who want more support for the Bill of Rights, should be supporting the ACLU. Not Limbaugh and Cheney. And those of you who leap on the “he’s a Muslim who’s ruining the Constitution” will never know as much about the Constitution as our intelligent President, who would have welcomed you into the classes he taught on the subject, for ten years.

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