Late breaking bad word news

I have it from a reasonably reliable source that Bruce Edwards is scraping the naughty word off of his building, the former Helena Hotel on 25th Street.

Just in case you don’t know: On Friday, with school children across the street watching, he painted what is gently known as “the F-bomb” in 3-foot letters on the second floor of his building. As my column Tuesday made clear, he immediately hurt business of his neighbors on the street. To describe him as “not well liked” on the street would be, well, putting it gently.

Scott Schwebke was down there this afternoon and talked to him. Read his story tomorrow for details.

I would like to think Mr. Edwards had a change of heart. More likely even he realized he just went over a boundary. Further improvements in his behavior would be appreciated but, at this stage of things, not anticipated.

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  1. dan s. says:

    Now now, Charlie, don’t be so negative. Today’s article says he not only scraped off the F-bombs, but also took down those old anti-Godfrey posters. I like to think that this little incident gave both Edwards and his 25th Street neighbors a chance to vent, and now that their positions are out on the table, some long-term progress might be possible. In any case, it doesn’t help to predict otherwise.

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