OK Everyone: Waste Time, Cause Trouble

I found this on Jon Carroll’s column at the San Francisco Chronicle. It’s a fun video on youtube. Here’s the link.


It’s apparently an example of some weird thing people do where they get a whole bunch of people together in one place very public and, in this case, dance in the Antwerp Train Station to “Do Re Me” by Julie Andrews. There’s maybe 100 people.

It’s great fun to watch, and if you follow the Youtube link you see several other examples: People dancing in the London train station, freezing in Trafalger Square, freezing in Grand Central Station in New York, and so on.

Spend an hour or two. I even found a place that, strictly as theater, faked a funeral with all sorts of rude stuff going on that made the evening news. Not that I am, for one minute, suggesting you should fake out the news media. Heaven forbid!

If we could get a couple dozen people to start dancing spontaneously at the Ogden School Board meeting tonight at 6 p.m., would that help or hurt the cause of promoting the arts?

You never know, and of course I’m not advocating anyone do anything like that.

ps… my son notes that the meeting is Wednesday. He is correct, of course. Always listen to the younger generation.

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6 Responses to OK Everyone: Waste Time, Cause Trouble

  1. Ben Trentelman says:

    To note: the board meeting will be taking place on Wednesday the 22.

  2. Catherine Hoffman says:

    Thanks. I guess it pays to search out You tube. It was cool.


  3. mother says:

    What fun! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Brianna says:

    How fun! I think things like that are a great way to get people’s attention and send a message.

  5. The Lovely Jennifer says:

    I actually saw the “Do-Re-Mi” one the other day; it came up on my MSN.com home page.

    Good enough to watch again! I especially liked the people “freezing” at Grand Central.

    What fun Who says we have to grow up!

  6. Cathy says:

    wasted time watching vid, check.
    cause trouble? golly belgium sure has a lot of gay people.


    (I’M KIDDING, OK??) LOL.
    cute video, looked like fun :)

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