Ken Hammond and being a hero

Pretty sad to see OPD Officer Ken Hammond get 90 days in jail today, with work release, for a sex charge. Apparently, on a call involving a n underage girl, he went back after the call, had sex, and word got out.

I can only repeat what I’ve said before about this sort of situation, whether it be president, or cop, or the guy down the street (and I’m not for one minute saying any of the guys down my street have done this. I’m using the term euphamistically):

What is it with guys that they can’t keep it zipped up?

It’s tempting to say that Ken has a wife, why not stick to her? But any social worker or someone who deals with abused women can tell you it’s not about sex at all. It’s about power, or being a “guy,” or getting to do what you want no matter what, or something. I won’t begin to try to get into Ken’s head. It is entirely possible even he’s not real sure what goes on in there himself.

All I know for sure is that, when the chips were down in the Trolly Square Mall, something in Ken’s head made him do the right thing, and do it well. One can honestly say people are alive today who wouldn’t be but for Ken. He risked his life, too.

That same head made him be a jerk. Whether the same things caused both is something we can only speculate on. It just makes me sad that, once again, someone who did something grand couldn’t just leave it at that, but maybe that’s the romantic in me, wishing for a perfect world with perfect heroes.

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5 Responses to Ken Hammond and being a hero

  1. Catherine Hoffman says:

    Your blog is good. It is a sad choice that was made.

    Cathy Hoffman

  2. Brobinson says:

    Impulsive behavior, In one situation It causes one to do something brave and become a hero, this then encourages one to try more impulsive behavior. This is extremely simplistic speculative view, and no excuse for bad behavior, just a hint at the compromises that tarnish the idea of a hero.

  3. ctrentelman says:

    that’s precisely my point, brobinson — something in some people makes them behave and I suppose we have to look at that something in a sociological manner, neither positive nor negative nor even neutral, just as something. What it leads to can be good or bad as well, but there it is, causing both.

    I still wish men would learn to keep it zipped up. If nothing else, an educated man should know that a 17-year-old bimbo who flashes people is probably sexually active with lots of people, which means you have sex with her, you have sex with all of them, and then you expose your loving and understanding wife to all of them as well.

    not very thoughtful.

  4. V.E.G. says:

    Ken Hammond should be castrated for having an affair with a young girl!!

  5. V.E.G. says:

    Ken Hammond is the Anthony Weiner of police officers!

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