Maybe if I gave away free donuts?

I notice that I have 14 comments on my blog about the tea party thing — OK, a couple of those are my responses to people, but it keeps the debate going and isn’t debate what it’s all about?

Interestingly also, Doug Gibson’s blog on the same thing has 15 comments. Admittedly a lot of those are on anti-Obama rants, and anti-liberal rants, but still, 15. Not bad.

Then I looked at George Will at the Washington Post. His column today, which can be found here, has 867 comments as I write this.


Here are Doug and I discussing the  very fate of the nation, and between us we barely got 30 people to react enough to type a response/rant/comment/something/anything/.

What issue of deathless importance did George take on today? Was it the question to the answer to life, the universe and everything? Was it a sure-fire recipe for an anti-aging potion? A cure for cancer?

No. It was a rant on jeans. You know — Levis, Wranglers, 501s, whatever.

Apparently George Will does not like Jeans. Does not approve of them. Says we should all dress — no kidding — like Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers.

Fred and Ginger, I would note, wore a tux (him) and a long white gown (her.)

Admittedly, most of the responses are to the effect that the writer thinks George is off his meds but, still.

867 responses. And I put up two, wondering if it were an April fool joke, or something. I’m still not sure.

Jeans. Is this what the world is coming to? Is this what it takes to get you people engaged? Is this the secret — short of porn — to getting people to look at the internet in numbers large enough to sustain ad revenue?

Problem is, I like jeans. Wear them all the time. 

I  must come up with another cultural scourge I can rail against that will draw a similar crowd. 

Holy T-shirts? Nah, too obvious and might spark a culture fad. Plus, been done, in the movie “Flashdance” as I recall.

Mothers kissing babies? Well, that would tick off people in Utah, but one of those would be my wife. Rule number one for columnists: Never, ever, tick off thy wife.

Pants worn down around one’s knees? Already been done.

Belts! I could say belts are a sign of the End Times. 

But then my own pants might fall down. Sadly, the old hip bones don’t do the job as well as they used to. 

Stick to responsible journalism? Get real.

Free links to Susan Boyle singing in Britain’s Got Talent? Worth a shot

My wife just walked by and said “You’re complaining because you got 14 comments? I remember when you complained because you only got one. If you got 14, you need to shut up.”

Hmm. Perhaps. And she IS a doctor now. Always do what the doctor says.

But if any of you has any ideas of what I could condemn, let me know.

Heck, you could do that in the comment space right below this blog entry. Be sure to type the little squiggly letters correctly.

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24 Responses to Maybe if I gave away free donuts?

  1. Momb says:

    How about a rant on cutting the arts in Ogden City schools. That stinks!

  2. Charles Trentelman says:

    i agree completely. How completely? You will have to buy a paper on Sunday ……..

  3. flatlander100 says:

    Do a blog post demanding special restrictions on pit bulls. You’re blog site will light up like a Christmas tree….

  4. inez says:

    Krispi Kreme?

  5. Catherine Hoffman says:

    This is wonderful insight. Honestly though, I don’t eat donuts. They are good for the first couple bites, but I’ll pass. I enjoy your writing without bribery of any kind.

    Most people find it easier to comment on small things that would interfere with their daily habits, i.e, wearing jeans every day.

    Keep up the good work. We love you.


  6. ctrentelman says:

    this kinda reminds me of the old Mad Magazine comic where a business executive is on the phone yelling about the price of a parking meter, or something, and when he’s done his secretary says that he deals in million dollar deals all the time, why is he yelling about 50 cents for the meter?

    “All those big numbers sort of get away from me,” he said, “but 50 cents, that is something I understand.”

    So it is with jeans, although I still think Will just skipped his meds yesterday.

  7. Marshall says:

    Um … I was told there would be free stuff.

    If you really want to get more comments, why not go Glenn Beck on us. You could write a blog about lighting someone on fire to teach Obama a lesson. I would comment on that.

  8. Mark Shenefelt says:

    My own post on the tea parties the same day drew not one response, except an offline one in which I was branded pretty much as a brainless socialist.

    I take this as incentive to make my posts more incendiary and provocative. Hey, maybe I can reprise the FEMA coffins and Illuminati thread …

    Or, how about the Jazz? Who else is approaching Utah’s upcming series with the Lakers as one would driving upon the scene of a train wreck?


  9. dan s. says:

    You could always bring up the new water tanks again. Now that I have the engineering consultant’s report in hand, I’m prepared to argue!

  10. Di Lewis says:

    I like donuts… But I already talk to you and give you comments. Maybe I should stop so you start bringing donuts.

  11. melissa hofer says:

    Since you ask -
    I have vowed (to myself) to quit reading/posting on this site. Here is the basic issue which the Standard fails to recognize:
    Our markets are not \free\, so arguing for the status quo is not arguing for \free markets\. Our system, which is not free market, has failed us. The US is not coming back as THE world power. With \dominant global force\ out of the picture, we are left with a choice of compromising and adopting a european-looking picture or reverting to third world status. The Standard seems bent on promoting the third world option.

    I will use the pharmaceutical industry as an example, although ANY big American business that has globalized works just as well (finance). PhRMA has moved manufacturing out of the US. They do not contribute in a direct way to the economy. Other countries use their products, but other countries regulate the prices that they can charge. The Bush administration promulgated Medicare Part D drug coverage for seniors WITH a caveat that our government cannot negotiate prices. The advantage of having a large buying pool is lost – Is that free market? No, it’s the people subsidizing a big business that would not be sustainable on its own.

    If PhRMA’s business plan is to be global, I think they better work on their negotiating skills. Do we think they are taking a loss in other countries? The American middle class subsidizes this industry for the rest of the world. Incidentally, PhRMA spends more on direct to consumer advertising than research and development.

    The US spends more on healthcare than anyone else and does not get an appropriate return on that money. The Standard’s opinion piece by the opthalmologist pleading for health care to remain a free market paid for by tax credits is a great example. The \free market\ US system (it is most definitely NOT a free market, but that’s another long issue) is employment based. The big manufacturers who were able to support this are gone overseas. They are not going to be replaced by restaurants with 10 employees. The biggest benefit that we can give to small business is to remove the burden of providing health care from them.

    I thought about writing a full-blown reply to this, but I’m tired. Also, I just get written off as a crazy socialist, opposing the \maverick cowboys\ who are bent on maintaining status quo. (This is the most humorous contradiction in terms imaginable).

    The reason nobody comments on a couple of freaks throwing tea bags at the White House is because it’s ridiculous and nobody cares. They lack contact with reality – perhaps they need to read \Who moved my cheese?\ My suggestion is that they just pretend that THEIR taxes are paying for the Iraq war, which most supported. That sure showed the world and was worth the money, huh?

  12. flatlander100 says:


    And then the Bush administration tried to make it illegal for Americans to order the very same prescriptions they may buy here at inflated prices from other nations, like Canada, at much much lower prices. It began trying to intercept mailed prescriptions from Canadian pharmacies to the US.

    And the beat goes on….

  13. melissa hofer says:

    I posted this recently for a class I’m in. We can do this with grace – but we’re going to have to change. As far as I’m concerned, this is the test for all those religious folks. (Warning – it’s off PBS and may be too liberal for some. Fox is covering other topics).

    Link to the Newshour tonight. This is an excerpt about health care only (Beth Israel Medical Center) – the full interview talks about cost-cutting measures in other businesses.

    In March, CEO Paul Levy faced a $20 million deficit, as cash-strapped patients put off care and funders pulled back, threatening 600 jobs. He convened a series of open meetings.

    PAUL LEVY: I said to the staff, “I’d really like to avoid layoffs to the extent possible because it’s a hard time for people to get jobs, and many people’s spouses have already lost their jobs, and we don’t want to put folks through that.”

    In addition, I said to them, “I’d like to do what we can to protect the low-wage earners in the hospital, the housekeepers, the transporters, the food service workers, who face a particularly hard time just because of their income level,” and the response from people was overwhelmingly positive.

    PAUL SOLMAN: In fact, meeting after meeting broke out in uproarious applause. Levy actually choked up.

    PAUL LEVY: I couldn’t talk for a little while because it was very moving. Remember, these are people — I’m talking to a group of people who are worried about getting laid off themselves, who are being told that they’re not going to get raises, that their benefits are going to be cut, and I’m saying to them, “Would you please give a little more so that the people at the low end of the wage scale will be held harmless by what we’re about to do?”

    PAUL SOLMAN: Levy received 648 employee e-mails suggesting cuts that have saved $16 million so far: a halt to 401(k) matches; no more free BlackBerries; less comp time; pay givebacks from executives like Levy and the 12 chiefs of medicine, like surgeon Mark Gebhardt.

    DR. MARK GEBHARDT, chief of Orthopedic Surgery: From the chief’s group, we were able to come up with $350,000 as a donation by taking a cut in our salary to put back into the hospital, to try to save jobs.

    PAUL SOLMAN: Four hundred and fifty low-wage jobs have been rescued thus far, like Ella Ryan’s in food services.

    ELLA RYAN, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: I would have been very devastated, because after I’ve been working here for 23 years and with the economy right now, I wouldn’t know where to turn to find, you know, another job.

  14. The Lovely Jennifer says:

    CT – back to the extremely (ahem) newsworthy rant on jeans by George:

    Couple things he should probably focus on more than jeans and the shabby look they give us as a people.

    Tank tops on overly obese people
    – Brightly (even neon) colored tank tops on overly obese women
    – Brightly (even neon) colored shorts to match the tank tops on overly obese women.
    – Especially those shorts that ride up in the middle until it is obviously producing a wedgie. Ewww!

    Stretch pants on overly obese people (with a tank top)
    – We can tell they are overweight, but do we really want to see where every bump is?

    I am not knocking overweight people – because I am one. But I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of the aforementioned pieces of clothing. Clothing manufacturers shouldn’t be allowed to even make them. As the saying goes (paraphrased) “If you make it, they will buy it”

    George needs to get out into middle class America and look around — there are many things quite a bit more offensive to look at than people in jeans!

    Oh, and people out in public in their jammies! With their bellies hanging out because the t-shirt is too small. I would much rather see a pair of (possibly over-tight) jeans and an oversized T-shirt that this. And I’m not even a famous, stuffy NYT columnist.


  15. The Lovely Jennifer says:

    p.s. You can email me the donut, I like the regular plain glazed kind.


  16. LJ says:

    tell you what…you (trentelman) stop degrading anything conservative, boosting liberalism and Bush bashing, then maybe, just maybe i would consider reading and commenting more. Everywhere you turn liberalism is being shoved down our throats and anything remotely tied to conservative values, repubs, and everything opposing the current admin is considered either hateful or ignorant. The day you actually write in a way that represents good, hard-working, people other than the left is the day ill read you in the paper and in here. The following responses to this comment are proof of how the left thinks of anything right wing.

  17. The Lovely Jennifer says:

    Please don’t confuse LJ above with me, TLJ – we are NOT the same person.

    LJ you said you dont read Trentleman’s stuff, so what are you even doing here, bloggin?


  18. dovie says:

    LJ – not exactly: I disagree with what you say, but will defend your right to say it, is it? Funny, I thought that was a fundamental American value. Some of us are fighting to get America back.

  19. Jim Hutchins says:

    Second Amendment rights for Pit Bulls. A slam dunk.

  20. ctrentelman says:

    i decline to go after 2nd amendment rights because those guys all have guns that they, of course, would never ever abuse.

    Not sure what what LJ is talking about — I’m one of the most conservative people I know, and everyone knows Liberals are too wimpy and touchy-feely-understanding to ever try to force their values on anyone.

  21. mountainlaurel says:

    My 3 kids love donuts. Chocolate donuts with sprinkles are a favorite.

  22. Bill says:

    Guy Lombardo?

  23. Charles Trentelman says:

    i am not sure the world is ready for more mention of guy lombardo in any context, but i like where your thinking is going.

  24. Roberta Beverly says:

    Back to the undersized clothes on oversized people. No one seems to complain about the undersized tops (?) on oversized breasts or undersized tops on pregnant bellies with a gap between top and bottom. I’m not a prude and maybe I’m jealous (oversized breasts only) but this is often not very attractive. Being pregnant and having breast implants are both joyous things but a small amount of class and taste can enhance the look of both, George, while wearing jeans. (501′s are very dressy).

    I hope this won’t be censored because of ‘bad’ words.

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