Blogging and Twittering surprises

So they have us blogging and twittering and Facebooking here, which is fun and, I sincerely hope, will lead to future revenues for the paper so it doesn’t have to lay off its columnist, an action of which I, for one, would not approve.

Interesting things happen on all this internet social networking stuff. Two surprises so far:

Yesterday I received notice claiming that the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was following me on Twitter. I have no idea how this came about. and, yes, it sure looks like his site, not a fake.

Although, what does that prove? Nothing. Fakes are easy to do on the internet and it’s too late in the day to call and check, and I’m not sure who to call anyway. So, Caveat emptor with a huge caveat.

I did go into  his other followers and followees to see who else he was allegedly following. They looked suspiciously like the friends of a computer geek, not the president of a major religion.

So, I will put this one down as a fake

In any event, President Monson and anyone else is free to join in. The more the merrier, is how I look at it.

My Twitter page is Should President Monson sign in, that would be a good idea, actually. Like the King in “A Connecticut Yankee” I am sure he would want to see the real world, as reflected in my Twittering, in all its glory.

– On a slightly related front, and speaking of possible fakes, on Facebook I received a note from someone who, if she’s not lying and I don’t see how she could be, is a pen pal I had in high school.

This woman lives in India, which is where I was writing to her 40 years ago when I lived in Miami. I have no idea how she came across me, or what possessed her to search for my name among the estimated 18 trillion people on Facebook, but there she was, using info only someone who knew me back then would know.

I sent her a note back, of course. I’ll have to go dig her letters out and see if I can find info to make sure she really is who she says.

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  1. Marshall says:

    That is interesting. My guess is it’s not really Pres. Monson. Some silly people on Twitter like to pretend they’re celebrities. I keep thinking somebody could make a fortune as a Twitter account certification service. If this isn’t real, it’s sure to offend a lot of people.

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