Gays to spend LDS Conference doing community service

I just got an email from Gary Horenkamp, outreach coordinator at the GLBT Drop-in center at the Unitarian Church in Ogden. Apparently there are rumors that the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community in Utah is planning protests at the next LDS General Conference.

Gary wishes to deny those rumors and, he says, point out that the organization, anyway, is sponsoring a community service weekend instead. “Hours for Ogden, both days are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. I’m the point of contact,” said Gary, who can be reached at   801.686.4528.

The release, which he forwarded from Salt Lake City’s group, says:

Despite recent emails and rumors, the LGBT community is not organizing a protest of the LDS General Conference. However, the LGBT community is organizing a General Service Weekend to give back to our community and make Utah a better place to live.

Working with Mayor Corroon, Mayor Becker, the Department of Labor, The Road Home, Parks and Recreations, Utah Gardens, the United Way and Head Start we have organized many different service projects lined up. These include park clean ups, assisting refugee families living in Utah, and putting together packets of medical supplies to assist in humanitarian efforts.

Volunteers in Salt Lake City will meet at the Utah Pride Center (361 North 300 West) at 10am on Saturday April 4th and Sunday April 5th, and those in Ogden will meet at the Unitarian Church (705 23rd Street) at the same times. Once there, we will divide up into teams and head out to give back to our community for a few hours.

 We hope that everyone that is free will come, and bring their friends and family members. There’s a lot that we can do together.

 There is a special need for gardening tools (lawn mowers, rakes, and pruning sheers) as well as trucks for delivering needed furniture, such as couches and beds, to refugee families. If we can use your equipment, please contact Jacob directly so that he can plan accordingly (

 The Facebook event is located at:

  For updates please check

Jacob Whipple | Organizer

All For One Initiative 
p. 801.918.6906



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2 Responses to Gays to spend LDS Conference doing community service

  1. mark says:

    I’m baffled why any self respecting gay or lesbian would want to do ANYTHING in Utah, besides pack up their cars and LEAVE.
    They just let the LGBT residents know (by gutting ALL human Rights bills) there isn’t a meager G*D DAMN Right you have as a resident.
    I hope the youths of Utah (gay and straight) decide to live somewhere BETTER, SAFER, and SANER than Utah.

  2. David says:

    Am I missing something here? It seems like the timing of the LGBT community doing community service on this one weekend seems a bit obvious and shallow. Maybe we can spend more time actually doing something and getting out into the community serving others, like the LDS persons I know do regularly week after week, rather than bitching and moaning. I know that complaining is easier than getting out and doing something for free for someone you don’t even know, but actions speak louder than words. It is interesting to note that USA Today has reported that Utah, with its high percertange of LDS, has the highest rate of both charitable giving and volunteerism of any state in the country. Again, actions speak louder than words.

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