More confusion from Sen. Bennett

I love getting press releases from Sen. Robert Bennett because they have a certain entertainment value all beyond the usual government communications.

Today I got one saying that President Obama’s budget message is confusing because it spends too much, borrows too much and, horror of horrors, raises money through taxes.

The reason this is funny is that Sen. Bennett was never an outspoken critic, that I recall, of the Bush administration’s many, many budgts that spent trillions of dollars while cutting taxes.

The entire Iraq war was not only done with borrowed money, it was done “off budget” on an allegedly “emergency” spending basis, although after four or five years the emergency status of the thing should have worn a bit thin. World War II wasn’t financed that way and it was sure as heck an emergency, so why was this? During World War II they sold war bonds and asked people to conserve gasoline through ration stamps (which was actually to conserve rubber tires, not oil, but it all works out to the same thing).

for he Iraq War, Bush told all of us to go shopping and, as if to set the example, put the entire war on VISA.

If Sen. Bennett wants to be more useful, he should come up with constructive ways to finance things. All I keep hearing is tax cuts for everyone, but as we saw during the Bush years, lowering government revenue is not the way to balance the budget.

As for a national tax at the gas pump and on energy bills, while unpleasant, this does not strike me as a bad thing. We need to use less gasoline, for one thing, just as a basic national security measure. We need to not be so tied economically to the Saudi Arabians who, do not forget, hate our guts while the cash our checks.

If a higher tax will encourage more gasoline conservation, that’s a good thing.

We’re all about equal access here at the Rambler Blog. Here’s Sen. Bennett’s release, complete with links.



Says budget “spends too much, taxes too much and borrows too much”


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Bob Bennett (R-Utah) today made the following statement regarding the non partisan Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) report on President Obama’s $3.6 trillion proposed budget:

“The CBO report today on President Obama’s Budget confirms what my Senate Republican colleagues and I have been saying all along: this budget spends too much, taxes too much, and when the taxes do not cover what is being spent, it borrows too much. The president’s budget sends mixed messages to Americans. The administration says it wants to create jobs, but the budget indicates that they are going to tax the small business sector, which is the greatest engine of job creation. The administration says they want people to get involved in national service, but the budget reduces the deduction for charitable donations. The administration says they will not tax 95% of Americans, but the budget creates a new national energy tax at the gas pump and on utility bills. America needs a budget that will focus more on creating jobs and protecting taxpayers.”

The CBO report estimates that if the president’s budget was enacted, the national deficit would total $1.8 trillion or 13.1 percent of GDP in 2009.

Click here to read Senator Bennett’s speech on the Senate floor regarding the president’s budget or click here to watch the speech.

Click here to read more about the CBO report on the president’s budget.

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8 Responses to More confusion from Sen. Bennett

  1. kirk dean says:

    wake up. bush is out and obama is in. new game. obama is creating a 1.8 trillion shortage. all from increased spending. concentrate on what is happening now.

    please get your facts right. tax cuts do help. its been proven by many middle road economists. what your logic is….. give our money to the government they know how to spend it better than us….. is both demeaning and illogical. let government govern but let us run our day to day lives. Government meddling always has unintended consequences, even when they mean to do good. Market conditions sooner or later determine the final outcome.

  2. Brobinson says:

    Kirk dean writes ‘please get your facts right. tax cuts do help’,

    WOW, I don’t know where you have been, but 8 years of tax cuts and a longer period of government deregulation of the economy has just lead us to the largest economic recession since the great depression. Tell the millions suffering now about your ideas about ‘Market Conditions’. Strange that you started your response with ‘wake up’.

    In defense of Bennett, in the partisan system we have it is his job to be critical of Obama’s budget , even if it smacks of hypocrisy.

  3. tired of excuses says:

    ok, so check it out. All you spending supporters. We can flip that same “where were we when Bush started with all this spending” argument. Well, i cant speak for everyone but as for myself, i was against it from the start. Now….you all were against it right? thats what im guessing anyway, so what made you change your mind? why are you all of a sudden in favor of the biggest spending spree in U.S history. Ill tell you why, because hipocrysy runs deep in the liberal vein. Now you all hail a man that spoke out against earmarks and pork, yet find yourselves in love with the same man who suddenly found a use for them.

    iv said it before, stop being such a liberal blog and you might get more hits. Havnt you learned from Air America?

  4. Steve says:

    Saying Bush made mistakes so Obama gets to make the same mistakes again only 10x worse is not a valid argument wake up and grow a brain. Both parties are failing its time to vote in some people with morals who will stop pushing their own agena and do what is best for America.

  5. brobinson says:

    LOL, do people even read the blog before posting comments.

    Nowhere did I get the impression that Mr. Tentelman is a dreaded ‘liberal’ Obama lover, who wants a massive debt for our country.

    I thought he was being critical of Bennett’s partisan approach to the latest government budget. He also posed the unpopular but rational idea of increasing gas tax to help balance the budget and reduce foreign oil dependence.

    Mr. Tentelman’s blog seems constructive to me.

    Pinning people with stereotypes and commenting with useless rhetoric must the job of his ‘fans’.

    -Note to self : should ignore comment section.

  6. Charles Trentelman says:

    I’m with brobinson on this one — did any of you people read my post?

    – cutting taxes, in theory, can increase government revenue IF, and that is a big if, the cuts are used to stimulate new industry which generates new jobs. Problem is, too much of the result of Bush’s tax cuts were for people who just used the result to generate more churn in the financial markets, or who just socked it away in their Cayman Islands account, or whatever. Job creation during the Bush administration was very, very low by historic standards, or even the Clinton Administration standard.

    – I refuse to blame Obama for the current deficites — they are the result of the financial collapse that started under Bush and was aided and abetted, if not downright engineered, by the very sloppy work of Alan Greenspan, who now says “oopsie!”

    – my original point, as brobinson says, is that Sen. Bennett and the rest of the GOP are now all repeating talking points sent out from GOP central that say “Criticize him for creating debt, make people forget that we created more debt!!!”

    – and so on.

    – play nice, children — keep yelling past each other, the nation really is doomed.


  7. Marshall says:

    Kirk Dean: “wake up. bush is out and obama is in. new game. obama is creating a 1.8 trillion shortage. all from increased spending. concentrate on what is happening now.”

    The emerging mantra of “don’t look back,” is wearing very thin with me. We have to assess what happened during the last 8 years and beyond to fully understand what we will have to do in the future. It’s myopic and silly to say “concentrate on what is happening now.” It’s like saying pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. What happened just a few months ago under the Bush administration is still being implemented right now. What happened in the past, affects what’s happening in the present. To ignore that truism is pure folly.

    Sen. Bennett is guilty of the same categorized thinking.

  8. chelsea says:

    I hope you’re not ignoring all of the comments. I completely agree and actually found your website because I was looking for someone who wrote about just what you did. I went to a luncheon for the opening of a social service agency in St. George last week. Bennett’s PR people must have forgotten to tell him why he was there-he kept saying \since we’re all republican\ and really threw caution to the wind with what he said. It was very much about defending spending by George W. and critiquing it when it’s Obama. He also talked about planting \poison pills\ in congress and \picking spots\ until the demos are out. He of course also spent half the time explanining why, Obama got voted in-for his likability and his charm ONLY. I felt like it was a great offense to all indivduals who voted for Obama. AS if we are complete fools. Arrogance. I wasn’t able to comment but if I was I would have asked him why he choose to spent 2 hours defending the repulican name-George W, and insulting our current president when we are in a national crisis! How bout we talk less about us and them and more about what we can do now. It was very frustrating.

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