More Global Warming Idiocy from Rep. Noel

Rep. Mike Noel, Kanab, sponsored a resolution in the Utah House yesterday, which passed, demanding that Utah be taken out of the Western Climate Initiative.

His reason: He doesn’t “believe” in man-caused global warming and, in an interview on KUER, was even quoted as saying that Carbon Dioxide, a climate changing gas, is not a “pollutant.”

Is that a fine piece of BS or what?

Gov. Jon Huntsman has made it clear he intends to ignore the non-binding resolution. That’s good, but let’s look at Rep. Noel’s idea anyway, which is wrong on just about every level one can find.

First off, global warming, or climate change, is not something you “believe in.” It is a fact, recorded and documented.¬† Man’s contribution to climate change is also very, very well documented. The rise in carbon in the atmosphere¬† paralleling the industrial revolution is very plainly recorded, observed, documented, proven, whatever word you want to use.Interestingly, I covered a symposium on climate change sponsored by the National Weather Service the same day Rep. Noel was blathering on about his beliefs. It’s too bad he wasn’t there, because it featured a whole raft of PhDs who have made their live’s work studying what’s making the polar caps melt, animals change their habitat and temperatures around the globe slowly rise.

Rep. Noel would have done well to go to the meeting since, if their data is correct, the area around Kanab, in southern Utah, is going to be looking at a lot hotter and drier time in the not-so-distant future. Among other things this will mean? Flows of water in the Colorado River will be between 8 and 20 percent less.

The Colorado River, by the way, is where Rep. Noel thinks he’s going to get the water to cool that nuclear plant he’s so hot to have built. No water, no plant. Just that prospect, one would think, would make him at least give the evidence a look-see.

Which brings us to that whole “believe” business. Observed data is not something you “believe.” Faith is faith, but science is science. If it’s belief you want, take up the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, with its “belief” that global warming is caused by the reduction in the numbers of pirates in the world. It makes as much sense.

As far as CO2 not being a “pollutant,” that’s intentional misdirection on Rep. Noel’s part. No, CO2 will not kill you if it is part of the air you breath, as long as the air you breath also includes oxygen. Whether it “pollutes” is not the question: It is a chemical, and chemicals react. In CO2′s case, that reaction is raising temperatures that will permanent alter Utah’s climate.

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2 Responses to More Global Warming Idiocy from Rep. Noel

  1. There sure has been a lot of talk about flying spaghetti monsters lately!
    Anyway,… I think that people just don’t want to know. For instance, if you found out you were gonna be dead in a week, yet felt fine. So, you deny it.
    The world is changing. Whether global warming is real or not is really sort of irrelevant. What IS relevant, is we need to take care of where we live. Even if you think that Jesus is gonna be here tomorrow,…then, wouldn’t you like him to see that you took care of His creation? So,even if global warming is not true, it would sure be a lot nicer if we just cleaned up after ourselves!

  2. Charles Trentelman says:

    Flying Spaghetti Monster or Jesus, you are right, it should not make any difference. What amazes me is the insistance that conservation makes no difference, so why bother?

    Or that these are “natural” cycles even though the vast majority of scientists studying this stuff say that natural cycles don’t explain what’s going on.

    Taking care of where we live only makes sense. May you be touched by his noodly appendige…..!


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