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Warren Buffett column may lead with tax hikes, but he wants spending cuts

Billionaire Warren Buffett has written a column this week that has generated a lot of attention. (read) Buffett calls for a 30 percent minimum tax on the wealthy, of taxable income between 1$ million and $10 million). News like that … Read More

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Friday’s political outrage horror show

Just a couple of things to be miffed about today: – A friend posted on Facebook an excellent example of what’s wrong with medicine in this country: It’s not that you can’t get care, it’s that our medical care is … Read More

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Demagogic political rhetoric has a colorful, long history

The fight over extending the payroll tax cut is as interesting to watch for the political rhetoric pitched by pols as it is for the actual arguments. Watch the debate sometime via C-Span and you’ll get the idea that the opposing … Read More

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We owe God the same faithfulness everyday

“If there is a spiritual lesson to be learned from our experience of that fateful day [September 11, 2001], it may be that we owe to God the same faithfulness that He gives to us” said Thomas S. Monson, president … Read More

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By their fruits ye shall know them — on the Christian case for Mormon values

 I didn’t know of John Mark Reynolds until I read his piece Monday in the Washington Post –“The Christian case for Mormon values.” Expecting more of the same, I was surprised by his candidness. It was quite refreshing. Though concerned … Read More

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Pity the poor rich; let’s take up a collection

I really get tired of these “How tough it is to be rich!” stories the eastern news media seems to be in love with. Ever since the economy crashed, both the NYTimes and the Washington Post have regaled us with … Read More

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Tea Party = Sucker Party

Oh brother, what a bunch of rubes. You Earl Gray sippers got taken for a ride. Poor saps. I tried to warn you but would you listen? No. You wanted to elect people who promised to “take our country back,” … Read More

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Will Utah be the next Alaska?

I was chatting with some other staffers this morning about how Top of Utah’s business and political leaders from the 1940s to 1960s must be amazed at the current anti-governmental attitude of politicians. Especially their avowed hatred of the federal … Read More

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