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Racism in the Mormon war in Missouri

The Mormons’ deadly conflicts with Missouri residents during the 1830s have been covered well by historians. It led to the expulsion of Latter-day Saints from the state. There were faults on both sides, although via sheer numbers and influence, it … Read More

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Elijah Ables, a black Mormon priesthood holder in the 19th century

(To see Cal Grondahl’s cartoon that goes with this post, click here). Elijah Ables is no stranger to Mormon history, although he’s virtually unknown to anyone who relies exclusively on LDS correlation. Ables was a black man who was ordained … Read More

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And a little child shall lead them….

Every day, I pick my wife up when she gets off work. While I am waiting for her to come out, a school bus pulls up across the street, and children get off the bus. By the sizes of the … Read More

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The Spaulding Manuscript as Jeffersonian idealism, and not a Book of Mormon template

(To see Cal Grondahl’s cartoon that goes with this post, click here) Solomon  Spaulding’s “Manuscript Found,” an unpublished novel by the 18th and 19th century minister, is a topic of interest to anti-Mormons. In 1834, Eber Howe, author of “Mormonism … Read More

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Racist principles were taught to older Mormons such as Professor Randy Bott

There’s one big reason the usually popular BYU Professor Randy Bott stepped in it big time trying to explain the LDS Church’s longtime denial of priesthood and temple blessings to members of African descent by calling it a “blessing.” (Read, read, and read) … Read More

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LDS Church once thought stances on polygamy, blacks would not change

(To see Cal Grondahl’s cartoon that goes with this post, click here) It is possible to believe that out, sexually active, married gays and lesbians will one day be accepted as faithful, temple-worthy members in the Church of Jesus Christ of … Read More

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Lincoln used skilled diplomacy to charm the once-hostile Mormons

The crude, casual racism of a long-ago era is striking in this Nov. 28, 1860 Deseret News advertisement from merchant George Goddard. It reads, “Abe Lincoln, Republican, elected by a large majority!!!, immense excitement!, Democrats all but crazy!!!, Niggers rejoicing … Read More

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