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Political duck speak politics ensnares Romney

Mitt Romney is apparently in hot water for not caring about the poor. That’s funny, I thought he gave a poor woman some cash recently. That’s better than I. I stiffed a panhandler who wanted some cash when I was … Read More

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Progressives, young adults, are the chumps of the Obama era

Simple question: What political interest group has been more abused by a candidate these suckers backed? It’s an easy answer — progressives, particularly those under 30, who supported President Barack Obama. The Obama administration has punk-slapped these poor saps to … Read More

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Obama offers boob bait for the Occupy Wall Street protesters

This is so rich, the Obama administration, as well as the national Democratic Party, is trying to harness the power of Occupy Wall Street for political gain. (Read and Read) The big question: will the tens of thousands of OWS protesters across … Read More

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The Job problem and the American Job Act of 2011

President Obama has proposed the American Job Act of 2011 that includes tax cuts for workers and businesses and a public investment program for infrastructure projects around the country. The proposed Act provides tax incentives for employers to hire more … Read More

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Three ways the economy has fouled up society

The economy is terrible. It’s fouled things up in the usual ways — job losses, market losses, smaller retirement and fund accounts … But there’s three ways the terrible economy is causing other types of dysfunction: The first is that … Read More

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Liberal despair with Obama is at its peak

If you scan the political websites today, progressive, liberal, whatever you call it, despair with President Barack Obama is at an all-time high. Progressives feel President Obama rolled them on the debt limit bill that will pass. I’ll provide a … Read More

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If Hatch, Lee, Chaffetz, Bishop reject late debt deal, time to dump them

It may have been very late and after a lot of dysfunction, but Congress and the president have reached a deal on the debt limit. Republicans have won 90-plus percent of the battle. No need to trust me on that; … Read More

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Congress should split the difference between Boehner, Reid debt plans

I was listening to Arthur Laffer on Fox News and, whether you agree with his Reagan-era curve he made perfect sense on how to resolve the debt limit imbroglio. Pass both the Boehner plan and the Reid plan and then … Read More

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How much of the GDP will be taxes is the real budget debate

I’m listening to Congress debate Cut, Cap and Balance on C-Span web and yes, it’s self-inflicted torture. Each side claims solidarity with the American people, most of whom curl their lips in distaste when Congress is mentioned. We have a … Read More

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Why Republicans are not budging on debt ceiling

There’s a valuable column from MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough today in the Politico (read) Within its critique of hyperbolic media criticism of congressional Republicans, it gets to the heart of why Republicans in Congress are determined to have a showdown with … Read More

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