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More inflation at this time may be beneficial to the economy

Most Americans including politicians, media pundits, conservative economists and policy makers are averse to inflation (increase in prices).  In general this attitude makes sense.  In fact, in 1970 public opinion considered inflation as the greatest threat to the economy, and … Read More

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Implications for the economy due to decline in household formation

 Recently in the publication Economic Commentary, August 23, 2012, of the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank, Timothy Dune wrote an article on the decline of household formation in general and of young adults in particular due to the recent Great Recession.  … Read More

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Rep. Ryan’s Medicare plan has serious flaws

In February 2008 Ezekiel J. Emanuel of the National Institute of Health and Professor Victor R. Fuchs of Stanford University wrote a paper, “A Comprehensive Cure: Universal Health Care Vouchers”, for the Hamilton Project of The Brookings Institution. In that … Read More

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We should not ban incendiary speech

It would be a big mistake to overreact to the killings in Arizona on Saturday by placing new limits on even incendiary speech. Unfortunately, Rep. Robert Brady, D-Pa., wants to do just that. He’s introducing a bill that would make … Read More

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Did the stimulus work?

There are still some skeptics who believe that US stimulus to pull the economy out of the most severe recession since the great depression of 1930’s did not work. This is partly due to the fact that most have no … Read More

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