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Parley P. Pratt offered a detailed look at the post-life spirit world

Today, as an LDS leader, Parley P. Pratt is mostly mentioned and taught as a subject of history, but not theology. We see his much-read, edited autobiography, as well as a little-read scholarly biography, on book shelves, and his name … Read More

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LDS Church has a test to discern good, and bad spirits

Mormonism, even in its more modern version today, does firmly believe in the visitations of spirits, good and bad, as well as resurrected beings. After all, the church’s genesis involved the presence of an evil spirit, followed by the appearance … Read More

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Mormon cinema has evolved into bigger-budgeted, better-produced Sunday School films

(To see Cal Grondahl’s cartoon that goes with this post, click here.) I just saw “Ephraim’s Journey,” which is essentially another take on — with a different perspective — of “17 Miracles,” which details the sufferings of one ill-fated handcart … Read More

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The three most significant changes within the LDS Church

It was a big year for Mormonism; it started with Mitt Romney moving away from the pack toward getting the GOP nomination for U.S. president and ended with some women wearing pants to Sunday church services to draw attention to … Read More

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Despite protests over the Pratt murder, Utah also allowed cuckolds to kill seducers

(To see Cal Grondahl’s cartoon that goes with this post, click here) The murder of Mormon apostle Parley P. Pratt, slain by the husband of a woman Pratt had taken as a plural wife, was national news in 1857. Most … Read More

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Interview with the authors of new Parley P. Pratt biography

As Political Surf readers know, I mentioned the new biography of early Mormon leader Parley P. Pratt, “Parley P. Pratt: The Apostle Paul of Mormonism,” Oxford University Press, 2011, by Terryl L. Givens and Matthew J. Grow, in a previous … Read More

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Mormon apostle Pratt suffered a violent death at the hands of a cuckold

To see Cal Grondahl’s cartoon that goes with this post, click here: To read an interview with the authors of the new biography of Pratt, click here. On May 13, 1857, LDS Apostle Parley P. Pratt was murdered near Van … Read More

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New York Times to press candidates on their religious beliefs

Bill Keller of the New York Times announced that the Times is planning to ask GOP candidates for president specific questions on how their religion or religious beliefs would affect their actions as president. (Read) I think this is a … Read More

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Quiet Slumber: Revelation through dreams

 I believe in personal revelation. The scriptures are replete with accounts of personal revelation by voice, vision, and visitation. The scriptures also attest to the ministration of the Holy Ghost in men and women’s lives. Brigham Young said: “The Holy … Read More

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