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There is no end to revelation

President Wilford Woodruff (1807–1898) affirmed: “We cannot find anywhere within the lids of the Bible where the Lord ever had a people he acknowledged except they were led by immediate revelation.” Noah for 120 years preached repentance and built an … Read More

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You must dig your own well

Several decades ago my great-grandfather put a shovel to a particular spot on his farm. He started digging a six-foot diameter hole. He dug six-feet down and then reinforced the sides with concrete, and then repeated the procedure by going … Read More

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His Servants the Prophets

The French philosopher Montesquieu said a republic was based on virtue; a monarchy based upon honor; and despotism based upon fear. What then is the Kingdom of God based upon? If I were to tag it with one word like … Read More

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To hell there is an exit

Apparently all hell is breaking loose in some evangelical circles concerning hell itself (see pastor Chad Holtz being fired and the man and the book that started it). The doctrinal dilemma of hell surfaced in the early 1830’s among Latter-day … Read More

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