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So, are there different degrees of hell, heaven?

I read a fascinating piece from a website, whatchristianswanttoknow.com, on hell. It was titled, “Are There Different Levels of Hell and Heaven.” (Read) Frankly, the part about hell interested me more. I think that’s human nature; most of us are fascinated … Read More

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What has a little baby done?

The other day, a person from the neighborhood was in my office to use the phone. After making his call, he stayed to visit for a while. “I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life,” he said. “I … Read More

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‘A Short Stay in Hell’ is an odd, compelling novella about an eternity of the mundane

I read — mostly during Sacrament meeting — the novella “A Short Stay in Hell,” (Strange Violin Editions) by BYU professor Steven L. Peck. It’s perhaps the oddest book I have read, but it’s also so compelling that you can’t … Read More

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C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce’ and the LDS Spirit World

(To see Cal Grondahl’s cartoon that goes with this post, click here.) A couple of times a year, usually on a Sunday after church, I re-read C.S. Lewis’ marvelous post-mortal novella/fable, “The Great Divorce.” It relates a journey of diminutive … Read More

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Four dumb ‘cracker’ hell-fire films that exemplify the folly of a burning hell

(To see Cal Grondahl’s cartoon that goes with this post, click here.) I like the Mormon definition of hell. It’s called Sons of Perdition, which to me has always sounded like a sequel to the Laurel & Hardy film “Sons … Read More

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Near-death experiences get treatment from a Mormon perspective

(To see Cal Grondahl’s cartoon that goes with this post, click here) I’m fascinated by the pop science/theology  behind near-death experiences. I’ve read the “Life After Life” books by Raymond Moody and several similar books. It was interesting to discover … Read More

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So is Osama bin Laden burning in hell right now?

It’s probably the least important question following bin Laden’s death, but it’s fun to speculate. A CNN poll reveals that 61 percent say the al-Qaida leader is with old Scratch in hot coals land, about 10 percent say no and … Read More

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So what exactly is a Son of Perdition?

To see Cal Grondahl’s cartoon that goes with this post, click here We Mormons have a name for hell — it’s called Sons of Perdition. We’re pretty confident that Satan, Cain and Judas will be residents there, but after that … Read More

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To hell there is an exit

Apparently all hell is breaking loose in some evangelical circles concerning hell itself (see pastor Chad Holtz being fired and the man and the book that started it). The doctrinal dilemma of hell surfaced in the early 1830’s among Latter-day … Read More

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