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Some simple principles on taxes for policy makers to consider

My purpose here is to lay out some simple economic principles which policy makers at all levels of government may consider before proposing new taxes or tax increases on different products, notwithstanding the fact that we do need tax revenue … Read More

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Is Huntsman really planning a run for prez?

When articles emerged from Newsweek and The Atlantic that ex-Utah guv Jon Huntsman might run for president in 2012, I figured it was ante-prez year hype or reporters trying to create news. Now, I’m not so sure; Accd to a … Read More

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Yeah, but how many state GOP delegates would Huntsman get?

I’m very skeptical of a Utah Policy/Exero Group poll that claims former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman receives double the support of incumbent Sen. Orrin Hatch and Rep. Jason Chaffetz combined in a 2012 race for Hatch’s Senate seat. The poll … Read More

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