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The omniscient God from a Mormon perspective

The omniscience of God, or Heavenly Father, is a consistent theme in Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.  As Merriam Webster defines omniscient, it is, “knowing everything: having unlimited understanding or knowledge.” If God is omniscient, the argument goes, one must submit … Read More

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What has a little baby done?

The other day, a person from the neighborhood was in my office to use the phone. After making his call, he stayed to visit for a while. “I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life,” he said. “I … Read More

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Are you an angel from God?

What you are about to read is true, except that “George’s” name is not his real name, but has been changed for reasons of privacy. George was driving home, and found some beautiful music on the radio. When it ended, … Read More

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Why me, Lord? What did I do?

Winston was having a very bad day. He was sick in bed when his boss called and told him that he had better get in to work with a doctor’s release, or he would lose his job. On the way … Read More

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God in Three Persons, Blessed Trinity

The ELCA Confession of Faith, subtitled “What we believe in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America,” has as its first article, “This church confesses the Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” ELCA Lutherans share this belief in the Holy … Read More

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We lose valuable time as we delay healing and forgiveness

We’ve all experienced the healing effects of time and distance. When we are far removed from a painful situation, it is much easier for us to apply the principles of forgiveness and we experience the relief of doing so. I’ve … Read More

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The world around us is controlled by the evil one, but we are children of God

I was impressed with an image I saw on the Internet that compared the characteristics of God and Satan. The image, produced by Life 107.1/96.1, a Christian radio station in West Des Moines, Iowa, compared God’s stilling voice to Satan’s … Read More

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A beautiful hymn of the Savior and son

Playing constantly in my mind throughout the holiday season this year have been the words in a lullaby about the Mother Mary at the time Christ was born. I sang these words with my choir, The Wasatch Master Chorale, at … Read More

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Goodbye, truth will prevail

This is my last post. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience writing about religion, principles of the gospel, the scriptures, current events, and sustaining and defending The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I would like thank Doug Gibson … Read More

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WWJD is the wrong question

For the last several years, I’ve been seeing the acronym WWJD in more and more places. I can’t remember when I saw it first, but now it seems to be cropping up everywhere. The four letters stand for the sentence, … Read More

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