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Coal company burned by ‘free inhalers’ prank

A major coal company offers free asthma inhalers for kids living near smoke-spewing power plants? That might strike one as a particularly lame attempt at damage control. In a cleverly executed hoax, an environmental group created a website depicting a … Read More

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Lawmaker Laughs: Another Tea Party ripoff, clean stemware?

Hooboy, the fun never stops. On the state and federal level, the people who get themselves elected on promises of being smart, and reasonable, and representative, waste no time showing their true colors: Stupid, unreasonable if not whacky, and representing … Read More

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Uncle Sam saves a little Utah flower

Federal agencies are trumpeting their 25-year successful program to bring back a Utah desert flower from the brink of extinction. The Maguire daisy has been removed from the government’s endangered species list. Protection began in 1985 after the flower’s survival … Read More

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