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Utah’s poor quality public education reflects its value system

I am sure if you ask Utah’s political leaders about the quality of education, they will most likely say that we provide good quality education with less spending than other states.  However, the recent school rating’s report by Education Week, … Read More

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Romney on passion, Obama on facts.

OK, it bothered me the way Obama kept looking down and Romney looked as if he was lecturing him.  You know someone on  Romney’s team said “You’ll be on the left side of the screen so be sure to keep … Read More

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Federal lands belong to all Americans, and not just to Utahns

Rep. Stephen G. Handy of Utah, in his opinion piece in the Standard Examiner, March 2, 2012, defended Utah Legislature’s attempt to usurp federal lands in Utah.  This week Utah House passed some bills that demand federal government to pass … Read More

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Support for education in Utah

It seems that education support among Utah politicians goes through a cycle. This education support cycle is like a business cycle, though shorter, that reaches a peak of political pronouncement of support when the legislative session begins, and a trough … Read More

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The value of a college education in the economy

On May 15, 2011 Pew Research Center reported survey results on the value of college education. Using a sample of 2142, the survey finds that 57% of adults 18 years or older are of the view that college education is … Read More

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