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Please, not Donald Trump hosting a GOP presidential debate

Why are there plans for Donald Trump to moderate a Republican presidential debate on Dec. 27 in Des Moines, Iowa? (Read) Please let this be a joke or merely the imagination of an overzealous Trump press agent. However, Newsmax, a … Read More

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Those Tea Party folk are fickle lovers!

The Tea Party’s in love with Herman Cain! It’s a fickle love, and Cain needs to watch out. The Tea Party folk loved Donald Trump, and then they developed a crush on Michele Bachmann, and finally oohed and awwed over … Read More

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Obama was born a poor black child too

OK, stole that head from a Steve Martin movie…what the heck, maybe it will get me a few page hits. I only mention it at all because of the latest greatest fufuraw, with some idiot millionarie Donald Trump, the only … Read More

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