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Obama beats the GOP on budget-battle manure spreading

No side is covering themselves with glory in the current fiscal cliff negotiations, but Republicans are far more honest with their proposal than President Obama is with his. The president is really stinking up negotiations with budget-battle manure. Obama’s plan, … Read More

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Rick Perry is pathetic

GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry is such a pandering clown. Romney “bets” Perry $10,000 that he’s wrong about his Massachusetts’ health care mandate and the media, sensing “gotcha,” calls it a gaffe because Romney’s so darn rich he can’t possibly … Read More

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Envy against rich, class warfare the ticket to Obama’s re-election

President Barack Obama’s class warfare speech in Kansas (here) makes clear the theme of the 2012 election for the Democratic Party, and the president: anger at those who have earned more than others. It’s an insidious strategy that both deflects … Read More

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Obama offers boob bait for the Occupy Wall Street protesters

This is so rich, the Obama administration, as well as the national Democratic Party, is trying to harness the power of Occupy Wall Street for political gain. (Read and Read) The big question: will the tens of thousands of OWS protesters across … Read More

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