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Sen. Lee hates the disabled? No, he’s just loony

Oh great, another reason for the world to think Utahns are whackos. Sen. Mike Lee is joining Sen. Rick Santorum in opposing a UN resolution calling on the world to treat (click)  the disabled fairly. That’s it. That’s the whole … Read More

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Another voice for the fiscal cliff face plant

In September I wrote a blog post favoring going over the so-called fiscal cliff (click) because, let’s face it, “conservatives” and Tea Party screamers have been demanding the deficit be cut for several years now and that would certainly do … Read More

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What, we’re at war?

I keep telling people that The Onion, allegedly a satire news site, is increasingly not satire but riveting social commentary. Want proof? Check out this (click) story on how the nation, to its horror, has discovered that there is a … Read More


Poor GOP-Nobody to blame but themselves

Interesting to see all the recriminations over who is to “blame” for Mitt Romney losing the election. Was it all the ugly things Obama said about him? This very newspaper’s editorial page says so, but I beg to differ — … Read More

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Getting over Mitt

OK, Mitt lost. Now, can we please quit playing games and work on stuff? I sincere hope the Republican Party tells the Tea Party caucus to stuff it. That block of hard-rock ideologues and screamers has been a burr under … Read More


As the end nears …

Just want to say that, several weeks ago, I posted a blog post here that I felt Romney had peaked too soon.
As of 5:03 p.m. on election day, I still think he did.

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A Stewart Trial? The body armor question

If the Preliminary hearing on Matthew David Stewart is any indication, the trial should be a doozy. Stewart was bound over for trial Friday after a 3-day prelim (click) that showed a pretty serious shoot-out in the tiny house on … Read More

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OK, Mitt wins, now what?

The Onion had a telling bit of Satire a week or so ago showing Mitt Romney going nuts trying to figure out (click)  how his economic plans would work if he actually won. They can’t, of course. Not possible, mathematically. … Read More


No, seriously. Cycling and doping…who cares?

I took a lot of crud for not being properly outraged at the revelations that Lance Armstrong won his 7 Tours de France by doping. Sorry, I still don’t care. It’s not about Lance (nor his bike). Of course I’m … Read More

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More bicycle doping? Yawn …

Big story today in the ny times (click) about Lance Armstrong allegedly being the center of a massive conspiracy among the entire US Postal Service team to use drugs to win the Tour de France. So what? At this point … Read More