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Herbert, who hates all things fed, demands more fed oversight

Gad. So Gary Herbert, our governor, who regularly slams fedreal government overreach and excess and so on and so forth, now blames the fed because it didn’t lean on Chevron enough to keep its pipelines from leaking oil all over … Read More


Ogden Hinkley loses tower to Utah demands for federal cuts

Well, what the heck did you expect? You red state Tea Party GOP “cut federal spending now!” fanatics yelled and screamed and hollered and moaned and demanded cuts in federal spending, but were so opposed to any reasonable discussion or … Read More


Love with a Temple Recommend

As the end draws near you think, “OK, what was fun in all that?” This was one of my favorite columns to do, practically ever. It ran in 2000: Love with a temple recommend By Charles Trentelman Wasatch Rambler This … Read More

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I’ve just had this thought bugging me the last couple of days — the LA Sheriff and Police are searching desperately for an allegedly rogue cop who already killed a couple of police and may have just shot two more … Read More


LDS families demand end of gay scout ban

They aren’t getting a lot of press, but one very dedicated group of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is working very hard to convince the Boy Scouts to end their ban on gays in scouting. … Read More

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Digging up history to learn about ourselves

Hardly a day goes by we don’t see some news story about some historical discovery. My favorites are the regular revelations about the CSS Hunley, the first submarine to sink a ship in combat, (click) but even more interesting stuff … Read More


Utah’s Sheriffs, gun defenders or political opportunists?

There’s a statement from the Utah Sheriff’s Association  going around Facebook and the web, a copy of similar statements making the national rounds, to the effect that elected sheriff’s don’t like the idea of President Obama taking their guns and will … Read More

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How will the Legislature deal with no skiing?

So, here we are, December and the ski resorts are finally, sort of, maybe, getting their skiing operations going. Snowbasin finally opened top-to-botton on Dec. 9 and has a whopping 25 inch base. No Nordic skiing because, I suspect, there … Read More


Require helmets on motorcycles? Here we go again…

Hard not to admire an exercise in futility when you see one cranking up. So, take a gander at GOP Rep. Ted Weiler, Woods Cross, proposing a mandatory helmet law. (click) for motorcycles. Yeah, right, dude. Good luck. These come … Read More


37 percent raise for Gov. Herbert — Are they nuts??

OK, this morning’s outrage: A state commission reports back that Gov. Herbert and “other top officials” get 37 percent pay raises this year. State employees haven’t had any pay raise in 3  years, maybe 4. None, Zero. Bupkis. And the … Read More

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