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Return of the Feral Cat Bill – UT HB210

Update: The Senate has approved SB 57, favoring TNR for feral cats, leaving HB 210 behind. We hope this bill is really gone this time. I would still urge a letter to the House, Senate, and Governor, letting all them … Read More

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Aerial Wolf-Killing on Unimak Island – Please add your voice

Alert – To oppose aerial wolf-shooting on Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuge, Unimak island, comment by Jan. 31, to: fw7_izembek_planning@fws.gov On behalf of Friends of Animals’ 200, 000 members across North America, we offer our vigorous opposition to the U.S. Fish … Read More

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Oda’s Cat-astrophic Bill

Pets are the descendants of animals who once lived in the wild, in their own natural communities, but who have been selectively bred in captivity, to live as our companions in our human homes. Pets are born into a world … Read More

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Gun-control bills probably dead on arrival

Gun-control advocates are pushing a bill in Congress to ban high-capacity ammo magazines, but it seems obvious the legislation won’t get anywhere anytime soon. President Obama and many congressional Democrats are wary of inciting the National Rifle Association lobby heading … Read More

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Win a free book! On Their Own Terms: Bringing Animal-Rights Philosophy Down to Earth

You’ve read the review, you’ve heard the buzz, and you’re thinking, “I wish I had a spare $20, I’d read that book! This is The.Worst.Part about not being able to find a job in Utah!” And after that, you’re shaking … Read More

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A Break, A Change, and A Monkey Update [Video]

I hope you have all had a joyous holiday season and a bright beginning to 2011. Some of you have noticed that I’ve been on something of a break – well it turned out not to be a break at … Read More

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Recipe: Butternut Squash Risotto

SQUASH WEEK: Wednesday Edition (Now with 50% more real squash!) Today’s dish is really a re-hash of that fabulous zucchini risotto I blogged about a couple of months ago. Only this time, I used butternut squash. This is a delicious … Continue reading

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