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Reflections after interviewing a confessed child molester

Last week, I spent an hour and a half interviewing a confessed child molester. It’s not the kind of assignment I would have asked for. I was nervous and angry, and I had a huge cold sore by the time … Read More

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Book ‘Jesus CEO’ is full of treasures that surpass the material benefits

I was in a business meeting and I spotted a book on my colleague’s desk that piqued my interest. It was called Jesus, CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership (by Laurie Beth Jones, Hyperion, $15.99). I was so excited at … Read More

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We lose valuable time as we delay healing and forgiveness

We’ve all experienced the healing effects of time and distance. When we are far removed from a painful situation, it is much easier for us to apply the principles of forgiveness and we experience the relief of doing so. I’ve … Read More

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The world around us is controlled by the evil one, but we are children of God

I was impressed with an image I saw on the Internet that compared the characteristics of God and Satan. The image, produced by Life 107.1/96.1, a Christian radio station in West Des Moines, Iowa, compared God’s stilling voice to Satan’s … Read More

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The examples of others inspires personal power in me

A woman who doesn’t have a husband taught me a profound lesson on Valentine’s Day when she asked me why I wasn’t out celebrating. My thoughts turned immediately to my sweetheart. Her words caused me to reflect very deeply about … Read More

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It’s never too late to take on challenges

When my neighbor, Bonnie Call, listened to her inner calling and invited me for 2013 to take free violin lessons from her, I had no idea what she was offering. The priceless gift was certainly coming at the right price … Read More

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Serving others is always one way to deal with personal adversity

We have all heard the saying that it takes walking in another’s footsteps to know what that person has been through. I have a friend who is financially stable who is fighting breast cancer. She talked to me about the pain and hardship … Read More

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A beautiful hymn of the Savior and son

Playing constantly in my mind throughout the holiday season this year have been the words in a lullaby about the Mother Mary at the time Christ was born. I sang these words with my choir, The Wasatch Master Chorale, at … Read More

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There was pain, but also joy, when Emilie was laid to rest

(Today begins Standard-Examiner journalist JaNae Francis’ start as the Standard-Examiner Eye of Faith blogger. Francis covers religion and faith issues for the Standard-Examiner. )I felt the pain of the family of Emilie Parker as they brought her body to Ogden … Read More

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