Are you an angel from God?

What you are about to read is true, except that “George’s” name is not his real name, but has been changed for reasons of privacy.

George was driving home, and found some beautiful music on the radio. When it ended, he discovered he was listening to a Christian radio station.

The next thing on the air was a story. A man had been driving home in his car when something made him pull into the parking lot of a supermarket, go in, and purchase a gallon of milk, which he knew his family did not need.

Returning to his car, the man continued to drive, when he felt the urge to turn onto an unfamiliar street. On that street, he stopped at an unfamiliar house, took the gallon of milk, went onto the porch, and rang the doorbell.

A man opened the door, looked at the driver and the milk. The driver offered him the milk.

The man asked, “Are you an angel from God? We have no money, and no milk for our children, and we have just been praying that somehow we could get some milk.”


George scoffed a little at that story. He thought, “Well, it’s a nice story, but I bet it was made up to be told on the radio. I bet it didn’t really happen.”

Then he prayed, “Lord, if this story is true, let something like this happen to me.”

Then, he forgot about it.

It was several winter months later, and George was driving home to Ogden from Ely, Nevada. He had been lucky at slots for a change. When the red, white, and blue sevens had lined up on his machine, he had won enough to pay all his expenses for the trip, with $50 left over.

As you probably know, coming back from a gambling trip to Nevada, a person very seldom comes back with more money than he or she took over. George was listening to some CDs in his car and planning what he would do with the $50 when he saw a dilapidated truck off the road on the other shoulder. Next to it stood a young man and a young woman. The young woman was holding a baby.

George drove on for a mile. Somebody ought to help them, he thought, and then he remembered something he had heard Dave Anderson, founder of Lutheran Youth Alive, preach in a sermon. “When you think somebody, should do something about that, that somebody is you.”

George made a U-turn and drove back to the truck. A young Hispanic man, his even younger wife, and their toddler stood looking at the truck. The young man told George that they had been in Ely visiting family, and were driving back home to Wendover, when the truck just quit.

George invited them to sit in the warmth of his car, used his cell phone to call for help, and stayed with them until a Nevada state trooper arrived.

The young man thanked George profusely, and his young wife flashed a beautiful smile to him.

George asked, “How are you going to pay for the tow truck?”

“I…don’t know,” replied the young man.

George shook his hand, and pressed a fifty-dollar bill into it. “Maybe this will help,” he said.

“I don’t know how to thank you,” said the young man.”

“You don’t need to thank me,” said George.

As he drove on his way, suddenly the story he had heard on the radio months before flashed back to him.

George just shook his head. “Thank you, Lord,” he prayed.

Note: This blog also appeared in “The Scribe,” the newsletter of Elim Lutheran Church, Volume 64, Issue 1, January 2014, p.9.


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One Response to Are you an angel from God?

  1. Nephi Florence says:

    The following was gleaned from the waiting area at the
    Evangelical [Salt Lake City Rescue Mission] {circa’ 1995}

    It was Only a cup of Coffee, and just a slice of Day Old Bread,
    But it started a “Chain Reaction”, that raised a Man from the dead.
    For Along with the Bread and Coffee, he was given the living word;
    That reached to the part of his Inner-most soule,
    As he gave his heart to the LORD.

    And the Angels rejoiced in heaven, for this heart was borne anew,
    Oh we Never know as onward we go, what little things can do.
    (TM)Salt Lake City Mission Ministries

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