Corbin is pleased with Jazz communication skills

As the saying goes, “Talk is cheap.” But with the 2011-12 version of the Utah Jazz, talk is imperative.

So said coach Tryone Corbin prior to Thusday’s practice session.

Coming off Wednesday’s preseason victory over the Portland Trail Blazers, Corbin said he liked what he saw from his guys … or rather, what he heard.

“I thought the communication was great,” he said. “They were talking to each other. They were directing guys. Guys on the ball were pushing (their opponent) to just the right
spot. We saw guys really looking for each other.”

Corbin said he expects his guys to talk to each other, especially on the defensive end. He explained the concept prior to Thursday’s practice.

“Everybody has to (initiate communication),” he said. “We don’t want the guy who’s guarding the ball to have to worry about where the screens are coming from, or where the opening may be or where his teammates are.

“The guys behind can see man and ball, so the guy (guarding) the ball can do his job of being aggressive and trying to direct the ball where he wants it to go. If he has guys on his team, whose voices he should be familiar with, talking to him and telling him where to push the guy or where stuff is, whether he’s by himself or there’s a screen coming right or
screen coming left, he can just get up and play the guy.”

Veteran Raja Bell confirmed what Corbin was saying.

“It’s something that kind of builds,” Bell said. “Everybody’s got to do it. You’re in so many different positions on the court at different times you can’t just designate one guy to be
making calls.

“A lot of times it’s going to come from somebody who’s behind the play. It can be anyone on any given possession. But it’s got to be a commitment from the whole team when you’re on the court to be vocal. If you see something someone else doesn’t see, you’ve got to express that.”



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